Pro Vocals In Just One Click.

We set out with one mission - to make it easier than ever to upgrade your mix.

We know how frustrating it is - not knowing the exact combination of compressors, EQs, reverbs, and more that will make your vocals sound professional.

So we've done the hard work for you so you can get pro vocal mixes in just a click.

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  • Ultimate Pro Vocal Chains

    Includes 25 amazing presets that give you tons of modern vocal tones at your fingertips - from warm and full to crisp and airy.

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  • THE SAUCE Pro Vocal Chains

    Includes 25 of our most colorful and creative vocal chains. With dozens of presets that add vibe, thickness, and space to your vocals - perfect for leads, ad libs, backgrounds, and more.

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  • VIBRANT Pro Vocal Chains

    Includes 25 custom chains that help any vocal cut through the mix. Instant clarity and pristine polish, plus a variety of inspiring creative effects.

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  • Magic Mixbus Chains

    Includes 5 unique mixbus chains - perfect for enhancing your overall mix and beat, adding glue, excitement, and dynamic control in just a click.

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