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Magic Mixbus Pro Mixbus Chain Presets

Magic Mixbus Pro Mixbus Chain Presets

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One-click polish, punch, and glue for your mix bus.

Without a great mixbus chain, your tracks might lack the punch, impact, and clarity you're striving for. That's why we created this incredible collection of 5 pro mixbus chains. Hear them for yourself:

💻 One-click access to 5 pro mix bus chains without having to spend time dialing them in from scratch

🎛️ No more overprocessed, lifeless mixes - give your tracks the perfect amount of glue and sweetness

Get incredible results fast without spending hours searching through YouTube tutorials

No additional plugin purchase needed

Presets Included

5 Pro Mixbus Chains Included

Golden Mixbus
Massive Bass Mixbus
Clear Mixbus
Max Loudness Mixbus
Punchy Beat Mixbus

Tech Specs & System Requirements

Supported DAWs (select your DAW above**):

FL Studio 20 (Producer Bundle or higher, includes settings for Pitcher and Pitch Shifter)

Logic Pro X (10.4.5 and later)

Garageband 10

Cubase 10+

Ableton Live 9, 10, 11 (Standard or Suite)

PreSonus Studio One 4, 5, 6 (Artist or Professional)

Pro Tools* (Artist, Studio, Flex) or using LEGACY versions 12.8 and later

Reason 12

Acoustica Mixcraft 9*


*Macro Knobs Not Supported by Pro Tools, Reaper, or Mixcraft 9

** Each DAW version is sold separately and contains unique files for that DAW.

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Trusted by thousands of producers.

Whether you're just starting to produce music, or you've been producing for years - everyone should have some great go-to presets they can rely on to give them amazing results fast. They can give you instant results, plus they give you a fantastic starting point to tweak from as you develop your skills.

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  • "The mix buss chains are great, I used Gold for my entire last EP."
    - Aiden R.

  • "My mixes weren't warm or glued enough but now they sound very full thanks to these presets!"
    - Trey H.

  • "Single best purchase I've made to up my quality in a long time."
    - Anthony T.

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What's inside the pack?

01 Golden Mixbus
The gold standard of mix bus chains, giving you a more glued, balanced, and exciting mix instantly

02 Massive Bass Mixbus
Giant low end, ideal for modern hip-hop, RnB, and pop

03 Clear Mixbus
Optimized for clarity and controlled low frequencies

04 Max Loudness Mixbus
Maximum perceived loudness through EQ and Dynamics tricks

05 Punchy Beat Mixbus
Extra crispy transients to make your beat hit harder

  • What's In The Pack?

    5 full pro mixbus chains for your DAW, including:

    ☑️ 5 Pro Mixbus Chains

    ☑️ Quick Start Video for getting the best results

    ☑️ Easy-install Video - get mixing in less than 60 seconds

  • Our Guarantee

    Have questions or need help? We're here to help. Contact our on-call support team any time and we’ll help you right away:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Richard Trice
Quality Mixing Product

I used the Magic Mixbus Pro on each song only my new EP and I was impressed with the results. I watched the preparation videos, and they were helpful in crafting a professional sound. You can also use your favorite plugins alongside this product if you choose to. The flexibility and output of the MIxbus make it a highly recommended product.

Andrew Spencer
Magic to My Ears

I purchased the Vibrant pack on a whim and had to come back for the everything bundle!

These are great tools for both the new and seasoned producer. They'll bring life to your tracks and mixes, all while taking the guess work out and at a steal of a price.


Got this free with the vocal preset pack and I use it on everything lol

D. H.

The beat glue preset goes hard, just what most of my tracks needed


Didn’t have high hopes for this pack but it honestly slaps